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Performance or Lec/Dem

  • 1 h
  • Customer's Place

brief description

Integrating the three universal elements of dance, Ang (grace), Taal (rhythm), andAbhinaya (expression), Natalia naturally manifests an original syncretic aesthetics by weaving her multiple global dance styles including Indian, Peruvian, Middle Eastern,and her own contemporary mixes into a tapestry that connects community to connect with her communities and with the Great Spirit. Rooted in a multi-racial and ethnic background, as well as, having been life-long trained to a professional level in a Kathak - Natalia now shares her art with audiences internationally, inspired by art’s ability to transcend cultural barriers and to raise awareness on racial, gender, immigration, and queer justice. As a performing artist, the uniqueness in Natalia's movement and rhythm practice is defined by her subtleness and sensitivity, which are threatened in this age of flashiness and violence. This stems from her holistic, rigorous training in the stylistics and discipline of tradition and the expressive dynamism of the contemporary.

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